Meet Bridgett Smith

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Bridgett Smith is a single mom who lives in Ward 8 with her seven children including Tionna, a rising sixth grader who wants to be a teacher and basketball player when she grows up. Bridgett wants Tionna to attend a high quality middle school  that would allow Tionna to express herself while staying focused and disciplined. With multiple school-age children, it is important to Bridgett that her youngest children attend schools in close proximity so that she can stay active at their schools.

“For all of my kids, I want the best for them. I want them to enjoy being kids. I want them to stay focused on their goals and have what they want in life.” 
– Bridgett Smith

Before Bridgett received DCSRN’s free services, she knew little about the DC public school choice application process and only knew that she wanted Tionna to attend a school that would fully support her academic growth. After working with one of DCSRN’s parent advocates and watching many of DCSRN’s virtual school tours, she was impressed with the academics of several schools. Her parent advocate helped her apply to 13 quality public schools, 12 through My School DC and one outside of the common application. Bridgett was thrilled to eventually learn that Tionna was matched to Jefferson Middle School Academy, a quality traditional public school close to where Bridgett and Tionna currently live.

After informing her parent advocate that she lacked transportation to submit Tionna’s enrollment paperwork, DCSRN provided her a free ride via a partnership with Lyft to-and-from the school. Bridgett is proud of her daughter and believes a school that can support her growth will lead Tionna and all her children to success in life. 

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