Meet Tiffany Black

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Tiffany Black is a Ward 8 mom of six children in varying grade levels. She connected with her parent advocate through DCSRN’s partnership with AppleTree Early Learning Center. After speaking with her parent advocate she was happy that someone could assist her with the application process and she was ecstatic at the possibility of three of her younger children all attending the same school.

“My parent advocate streamlined the application process for me. I would definitely have had problems going through it on my own.”
– Tiffany Black

Before connecting with her parent advocate, Tiffany felt unfamiliar with the application process and, after having it explained to her, she wasn’t confident she would be able to navigate the application process without guidance. Tiffany’s parent advocate helped her come up with quality options close to home and that provide before and after care–a must-have for Tiffany. Her parent advocate kept Tiffany abreast of deadlines, her application tracking numbers and, when her lottery results were released, she was thrilled to learn from her parent advocate that three of her children were all matched with her top choice—Achievement Prep, a quality school in Ward 8.

Knowing how lucky she was to get such ideal lottery results, Tiffany did not hesitate to complete enrollment. Her parent advocate explained each step for enrollment, which included submitting forms online and in-person to the school. She is super grateful for DCSRN’s support and looks forward to referring her friends to DCSRN’s services.