Meet Kiesha Campbell

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Kiesha Campbell works as an operating room coordinator and a pharmacy technician.  In addition to two demanding jobs, she is a single mother living in Ward 8 with her aunt, teenage son, and twins Kendon and Kharis, who are rising kindergartners.  With such a full plate, opting into DCSRN’s free services was an easy decision for Kiesha.  A staff member at Apple Tree – Parklands asked if she would be interested in DCSRN’s support, and after agreeing, she was quickly contacted by her parent advocate. She stated that as a “full-time momma” with two jobs, she had not reserved time to start considering school options for Kendon and Kharis.  If she had not been approached by DCSRN, she said the twins probably would not be enrolled anywhere.

Kiesha has her role as a mother down-pat, but she said that when it came to the lottery process, her advocate “became the parent for the kids,” and provided “excellent parenting from the outside.”  She was grateful that her advocate completely supported her throughout the common application and enrollment process, especially since she lacked the time between her jobs and raising three children.

After working with her advocate, who provided her with one-on-one counseling, deadline reminders, and information about quality school options, Kiesha applied to five schools for Kendon and Kharis.  When the lottery results were announced, Kiesha was excited to learn that Kendon was matched with his first choice, Shining Stars Montessori Academy, a quality public charter school close to one of Kiesha’s jobs. Though Kharis did not initially match with Shining Stars, she was number one on the school’s waitlist, so Kiesha was not nervous. Nearly one month after the initial lottery results were released, Kharis received an offer to join her brother and was removed from the waitlist.

Kiesha felt comfortable accepting the match and completing enrollment for the twins. Her advocate advised her through the enrollment process by explaining the various requirements and consistently reminding her of deadlines. Though Kendon and Kharis have different personalities, Kiesha is confident the school will be a good fit for both of them. For Kendon, she feels that the environment will nurture his inquisitive nature and prepare him for a possible future as a politician since he is always debating. Kharis is more reserved and independent, and a Montessori curriculum will give her the freedom to pursue her own interests.

Kiesha wants Kendon and Kharis to be successful in whatever they decide to do in life.  Kiesha was happy that the lottery process was a seamless one since DCSRN provided such a comprehensive service.