Meet Katrina Minor

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Katrina Minor is a baker and chef who lives in Ward 8 with her husband, daughter and son Brian, a rising sixth grader who wants to be a lawyer and judge when he grows up. Already active in his community and passionate about helping his community thrive, Brian and his family believe the best way to help their community is by ensuring he receives a quality education. They especially want Brian to attend a quality middle school that would keep him on the college track and nurture his interests in literature and critical thinking.

“I want Brian to be able to have what he wants in life, not just what I want for him; that means making sure he continues to have a good education.”
– Katrina Minor

Katrina knew she wanted Brian to attend a school that would support his academic growth but, prior to receiving DCSRN’s free services, she knew little about the DC public school choice application process. After working with one of DCSRN’s parent advocates, who provided her with constant one-on-one counseling, especially regarding application deadlines and research about school options, Katrina applied to 13 quality public schools for Brian. When the lottery results were announced, Katrina and her parent advocate were ecstatic to learn that Brian was matched with his first choice, KIPP DC AIM Academy, a quality public charter school close to where the Minor family currently lives.

Katrina felt comfortable accepting the match and completing enrollment because, even though she was unable to tour the school in-person, she had watched DCSRN’s virtual school tour of KIPP DC AIM Academy and was impressed with the school, especially with the academics. Katrina’s parent advocate helped her complete enrollment by providing her with deadline reminders and supporting her in completing requirements online and in-person. She believes the school will empower Brian with the tools he needs to succeed in middle school and beyond.

Katrina is so proud of Brian’s vision for his life and, like any parent, does everything she can to support him. She was overjoyed to know that DCSRN provides the resources to make her commitment to her son’s goals more achievable. Katrina and her parent advocate are excited that Brian is one step closer to fulfilling his dream of supporting his community by becoming a lawyer and eventually judge.